4 Ways To Make Oats More Filling

Oats make a tasty, healthy breakfast, but sometimes they may leave you famished way before lunch. To avoid it, I recommend to eat oats with something that has more filling quality to it.

Overnight oats

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Coconut Milk

Preparing your oats with milk is the best thing you can do for your stomach and taste buds. Unless, of course, you’re lactose-intolerant. But despair not, because coconut milk is just as rich and filling as cow’s milk.


Adding eggs to your oats will not only make it more filling but will also make it fluffy and yum.

Nuts and Seeds

Another protein option is nuts and seeds or nut butter that will make your oats a protein healthy fat-packed treat. Because nuts take longer to digest and the fats fill you up this type of oats will last you longer.


Fiber is something many Americans lack in their diet, so adding as much fiber as possible to your oats is a great healthy morning start. Banana will not only fill you up but will also naturally sweeten the oatmeal. Add frozen berries for a nice sour tinge, and finish off with some yogurt or kefir to amp up its protein power.

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