3 Fitness Goals You Cannot Achieve Without Weights

Weights are important to any training program because they can make us much stronger and allow us to use our bodies much more effeciently. If you still haven’t incorporated weight training into your workout it’s high time to do it and reap the benefits, of which there are quite a few.

Goals You Cannot Achieve Without Weights

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The more you work with the weights the stronger you grow. As your central nervous system and body adapt to certain load all you have to do is crank up the pressure by either adding more weight or volume to your exercise. What you can also do is increase time under pressure by lifting slowly. Whether you’re working with your own weight or some external weight you will get stronger over time as long as you keep progressing in how much effort you need to put into a certain move.

Muscle Hypertrophy

Muscle hypertophy is virtually impossible without some kind of strength training. If you are a total novice even your body weight can help you grow a little muscle mass if you start training. Bigger muscles or muscles that get worked are better at helping your body move more effeciently. They also give you an overall better shape. To grow muscle you need to give them the material and insentive to do so where food is material and incentive is weight training.

Smooth Skin

While it’s not necessarily a fitness goal in itself, lifting weights won’t make your skin better. But it will lift and firm it up thanks to muscle underneath it. Fat is wobbly and hence is poor cushion for our skin. Also the more fat and water you lose the tighter you look. As for your skin condition, with all the healthy eating, train sweating, and good sleep, it might just get better.

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