3 Key Elements To Building Muscle

Muscles are important. They not only make you strong but also burn more calories than fat. They also shape up your body to be lean and have the nice curves. To build muscles you need three important elements that go hand in hand and that require some time and effort.

Elements For Building Muscle

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Caloric Surplus

To build muscle you have to consume more calories to aid muscle growth. It doesn’t need to be extreme. 150 calories may suffice, but be sure they come mainly from protein and clean foods. Building muscle in a caloric deficit can be problematic if at all possible as you need energy not only to sustain your current weight but also add more mass.

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When trying to build muscle, try to up your protein intake. The recommended amount for active people who strength train is 2 grams of protein per kilogram (1 gram per pound) of body weight. Taking more calories from protein will help promote muscle growth since protein is a building material for our muscles. Should you use protein powder? Not if you get enough protein from your diet.


Strength Training

Of course, this all should go hand in hand with proper training. Diet or supplements alone will not make your muscles grow if they aren’t exhausted and challenged. During building period aim for six sets of 12 reps. Start light and work your way up till you cannot perform more than 12 reps in good form. Heavy weights are the key to exhausting your muscles so hit the free weights room if you want to get those lean arms and round butt.

Obviously, recovery is a vital part of any workout. If you don’t let your muscles recover and repair they won’t grow. Be sure to sleep at least eight hours a day and rest between workout sessions.

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