3 Reasons To Do Cardio Regadless Of Your Goals

The fact that our bodies are made for movement is a pretty strong argument but our modern lifestyle doesn’t really help the matter. There’s too much sitting required and too much high-calorie food to resist. But if you want to stay not only fit and healthy doing cardio is pretty much the only solution.

Why Do Cardio

Woman running up the stairs

Cardio Helps Burn Fat

Now this is a fact you cannot dispute. Cardio is one of the ways to burn fat and without delving deep into biology andchemistry, make it easier for your body to part with it. The less you’re cardio training the harder it may be to lose fat, which is especially true for women.

It Improves Respiratory System

Cardio is a great way to optimize your breathing and improve your respiratory system overall.

It Increases Your Fitness Level

Doing cardio isn’t just a fat loss tool. You can also increase you fitness level by just doing more cardio. Besides looking great, every day tasks like running a block or take a few flights of stairs will feel so much easier.

Also lifting alone may get you the body you want. You need a diet and if you want to get extra lean you need cardio. Cardio is a great way to stay active on your non-lifting days.

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