3 Ways To Make Cardio Fun

Cardio is an undisputable tool of shredding. It just makes your body better at extracting the fat from those stubborn cells. It’s just fact. After you’ve accepted the fact, it’s time to make it a little more fun.

Make Cardio Fun



Who doesn’t like a little competition? Well, maybe some people don’t, but if you love to come out victorious in your friendly runs or sprints you can make do fun stuff for each other with friends, teammates and training partners, It can be anything, but winner takes the prize. It should also motivate you to become faster and better at whatever you do. If, however, competition makes you frustrated and angry, it’s better to do something else.

PRs and Rewards

For instnace, you can reward yourself by beating your last PR or simply doing extra work. It should not be food, obviously. But you can give yourself an extra something for being better than you were yesterday.

Dancing Or Sports

If you hate, hate, hate treadmill you can choose a dynamic sport to make it more interesting. For instance, kick boxing works your whole body and football or soccer involves a lot of running. Choose any sport you fine most fun and do it instead of those dreaded gym cardio sessions. Also, if you don’t like sports but like dancing it can also elevate your heart rate and make you sweat.


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