5 Tricks To Help You Do More Cardio

Cardio is great for weight loss regardless of what you might be hearing from people. It’s effective and makes you not only look and feel good (provided you don’t neglect your weight training because then the rules of the game change) but it also makes your fitter and increases your endurance, which isn’t necessarily required in modern life but then again many things aren’t necessary in our lives, we still do them though.

How to Do More Cardio

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Doing cardio on machines at the gym or home requires a lot of self motivation and focus. Doing it outside is much better and disallows you to quit any moment. You are away from home or your car, you don’t have cash on you, how else are going to get home?

So the first trick is to do cardio outside. You can simply do more of it just by having a physical goal of reaching a certain corner or building and then returning home.

It doesn’t have to be a workout though. Ditch your car and go. Take it only if you are running late or have to go tens of miles away. Make walking a part of your daily life. Living in the city you can definitely allow yourself that.

Another trick is to turn on the music or some other media and enjoy it while you’re doing your cardio session. It may help you get through the tedious hour or so and catch uo on you favorite TV show.

Setting goals for cardio is as important as it is for weight training. You can add new locations nd destination points to your cardio map and make distances longer and routes more challenging.

Doing cardio in a location you really like might also help with motivation. Visiting your favorite spot by going there on foot or running is a great way to complete a cardio session without even trying.

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