5 Ways To Make Time Fly On A Treadmill

Running on a treadmill is no picnic but there are ways to make time go faster as you sweat and pant on the damn thing. Taking your mind off the timer and your body is a good way to make it feel a bit easier and thus prolong your run.

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Music is the best workout accessory you can think of. It can pump you up or help you forget about what you’re doing for a moment and enjoy the beat, the lyrics, or simply sound tuning out everything else. Have a special running playlist to be able to enjoy every song non-stop without stopping or slowing down. You can also catch up on your reading by listening to an audio book or an educational or even entertaining podcast.


This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Watch your favorite shows or the news while running on a treadmill. It’s not exactly gym-friendly, but you can simply follow the action on the screen to take your mind off treadmill if you are in a public space.

Change pace

Sometimes simply changing pace can serve as a good distraction. Go for fast sprints and walking in between. Or change incline and speed to put pressure on your butt and hams. Experiment and see as the time flies by.

Slow Down And Chat

You do need some down time during your run so why not spend it by chatting with your training partner or speak to a treadmill neighbor if they are up for it? You’ll get a chance to recover all the while filling your mind with casual conversation or even a useful debate.

Play Mind Games

Some people like occupying their minds with counting things or occurrences during a certain amount of time. It can be fun and entertaining but it all depends on you.

Finally, it’s springtime at last and you can take your runs outside and enjoy the ever-changing scenery and the distance that finally leads to point B.

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