5 Ways To Work Out Smarter You Probably Didn’t Know

If you’ve been working out for months without much of a visible progress there is a temptation to either stop it altogether or go at it even harder than before. And while the latter usually helps the beginners to progress further and fight off plateaus, the former looks much more enticing for those who had no progress in a long time. There are ways to work out smarter though regardless of whether you just want to get faster results or break through a frustrating plateau.


Work Out At Max Effort

If you’ve never tried interval training you might just want to give it a go if you don’t want to stretch your sessions for hours and cut back even more calories from your diet. Short bouts of exercise at max effort is a great way to shake things up and give your body the necessary change it has to adapt to.

Add Cardio

Most average height people have to add low impact cardio on their non-training days if they want to see those abs. Since our lifestyle is becoming more and more sedentary it’s a simple way of burning the calories from those tasty energy-dense foods we eat every day.

Remove Cardio

If you are tall and naturally thin but want to grow some meat on the bones, cardio (especially intense kind) might hindering your progress. Try to remove it and introduce it later when you’ve grown a bit of muscle in order to burn off any excess fat that might have piled on with the muscle.

Interchange Heavy And Light Sessions

You can’t always exercise at your max effort so some sessions must be lighter in order to prevent accumulative fatigue or even injury. Don’t worry, you’ll get the benefits of the exercise still.

Take Breaks

When you are going at it for days and weeks and months even if you’re interchanging heavy and light bouts, your body stops getting the benefits and starts prioritizing stress management. Taking two or three week breaks from intensive workouts is a great way to give your body time to rest and recover from any minor injuries you’re might not even be aware of yet.

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