Exercise On The Go: 8 Ways To Be More Active

Being a writer makes for a sedentary lifestyle. And even though working from home gives me an opportunity to visit gym three times a week the rest days I mostly sit. Many office workers may not have the luxury to constantly alernate sitting, walking, and exercising. But there are still ways to be more active even out of gym.

Exercise On The Go And Be More Active

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Walking can burn additional 50 calories or more depending on your weight, speed, and time. So why take the car when you can brisk walk into the nearest store to buy groceries? Skiping elevators can add a bit of challenge back into your life and also help tone those glutes. Simply put any chance to walk additional few miles can help you become more active even in between workouts.


Stretching can be very beneficial especially if you have a desk job. Stretching your legs and back every hour or so can minimize the dangers of sitting all day and help your body be more mobile and flexible.

Exercising Out Of Gym

Exercising out of gym can be a great active rest. It can also make you more alert in the morning and give you energy to power through your day. You don’t have to do the same exercises as you usually do in the gym. Instead opt for something that will work your entire body or what you enjoy very much like dancing, yoga, running or swimming.


Speaking of dancing, you can burn as much as 70 calories (based on 120 lbs weight) for just 15 minutes. This is a great aerobic exercise that can be as explosive and intense as you want it to be.

Having More Sex

Having sex burns 69 calories in women and 100 in men at average according to study by University of Montreal. The longer the session the more calories you can burn.

Couple hiking

Into The Wild

Hiking, rock climbing, and camping require physical fitness and can become great exercise on their own. Active rest at its best. If you don’t like going out of your comfort urban zone you can at least switch to a bike.


Personal transport can be very helpful in terms of staying active. You power up a bike to get it moving and it moves you around much faster than when you’re just walking. It’s a win win situation. Ditch the car, get the bike.

Doing Stuff

You know when you have every possible service at the reach of your fingertips it can be very easy to get pretty lazy. So instead of having anyone else do the chores around the house or fix something try and do it yourself. Some things like electricity and plumbing surely require professional touch but mowing your lawn or blowing the leaves isn’t that difficult.

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