Fitness Rules For Weight Loss

Weight loss is a hot issue these days. There are so many fad diets, fad regimens, and other marketing gimmicks that try to convince the hopefuls that weight loss can be easy and happen in a blink of an eye. But when it comes to results all of these tricks fail before the basic stuff. Because let’s be honest here, weight loss boils down to calorie intake versus calorie expend and while working out will provide tons of benefits and help create that calorie deficit, diet is at the center of it all here.

Fitness Rules To Follow When Losing Weight

Fitness Rules

Calories In Vs. Calories Out

So every food has calories, even low calorie foods have them. In order to lose weight you have to create something called calorie deficit. So say, normally you would eat 2000 plus calories day, cutting back 300 calories can be enough to slim down in a gradual healthy way. You can increase the number by adding exercise to the picture. Exercising you can burn up to 500 calories or more but you still need to be mindful of what you eat. Otherwise, blood sugar spikes and simple carbs can easily and fast turn to fat.

Clean Eating

Speaking of diet, promoters of clean eating often face the same argument above. “What if I eat whatever I want and still get my calorie deficit?” In theory this could work but in practice. Clean eating revolves around calorie quality and food nutrition value. Let’s be honest, junk food isn’t as nutrisious as say, chicken salad with all the leafy greens and boneless chicken breast. Beside the former creates sugar spikes and often comes along with sugary drinks, and dessert, and fries. Clean eating helps you keep full without snacking often and craving for sweets and fried foods. It also provides you with healthy nutrients that can reduce stress, prevent disease, and simply give you more fiber to breakdown between meals.

Building Muscle

This one’s for women out there who think building muscle will give them bulky musculine look. You have not enough testosterone to bulk up like a man. You’ll be lucky enough if you have enough muscle to show as that sexy relief at all. Besides when it comes to weight loss, muscles are your best friends. They may not burn that many more calories than fat as once stated but they surely can give you a lean toned look and much more.

Varied Workout Program

Changing your training program once in three or four weeks is a great way to keep your body surprised and challenged. Increasing intensity is important for getting further results because at first, the more weight you have the easier it is to lose it. Later on, when your body has adapted to the demands you put on it the program stops working and becomes a routine. If you dread working out because it seems boring changing up things can help you keep motivated and interested. Try new exercises or even types of training but make sure your workouts are regular.

But Really It’s Fat Loss

Weight loss is a generally accepted term for it but really it’s fat loss we want when we talk about fitness. More lean muscle mass means more strength, more tone, and health. Losing muscle during weight loss is bad for many reasons including sagging skin and other unpleasant things. Don’t bother with the scale but look at the factors like strength, endurance, and maybe measurements.

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