Holiday Fitness Plan: How To Stay In Shape

If you’ve been eating too many sweets on Halloween chances are you are still trying to get back to your diet. The upcoming holidays don’t really motivate you to keeping it clean either? There are many tricks you can use to stay in shape and still enjoy holidays.

How To Stay In Shape During Holidays

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Enhance Your Workout

During this season it’s hard not to give into temptation but while you can give yourself some slack in diet, be sure to work out giving it one hudred and ten per cent. Don’t skip cardio or add it to your routine. Twenty intensive minutes can really make a difference. Up the intensity of your workout overall. Do interval or circuit training to make sure you burn all those extra calories. Just know this, that if your calorie surplus is way too big, no amount of training will make up for that and you might end up gaining all that holiday weight you’ll have to train away afterwards.

Do A Holiday Challenge

This is great especially for ones only starting their fitness journey. Usually a fitness challenge requires you to cut back on processed foods or focus on a problem area performing certain types of exercises. A good challenge will have you progress over a period of time so it’s a great way to ease into exercise.

Limit Your Indulgences To One Meal

Eventhough one meal could be a calorie bomb, it will not do much harm if you limit your indulgences to just one meal. Eating a healthy breakfast and lunch will prevent calories from piling up. Avoid eating too processed foods and drinking soda and focus on your favorite holiday dishes instead.

Holidays weight is probably enevitable but it shound’t throw you off in terms of your fitness goals. Enjoy your food and work out.

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