How Often Do You Have To Train To Be Fit

Many beginners ask this question. Usually the implication is that in order to be fit one has to train if not every day then at least 4 or 5 times a week and for many it might simply be overwhelming. Well, that is obviously false. By simply dieting or eating clean one can maintain normal weight without gaining muscle or fat but also having no definition in their body or a general athletic silhouette that comes with the training.

How Often To Train

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You don’t need daily gym sessions to be fit unlike athletes who compete and pose for magazines

So as long as your diet is spot on with your goal (weight loss, maintenance, gain) you will lose, maintain or gain weight and the training will determine the composition of that weight (muscle vs fat). At this point if you want to gain muscle training 3 times a week seems to be a perfect plan for most people with the fourth weight training session usually being too much for the body to handle and hindering recovery. If you aren’t generally active then the 4th or 5th gym session may focus around some aerobic training in case you worry about gaining too much fat or just don’t want to lose your aerobic fitness level.

More sessions may be needed for those who are preparing for a fitness competition, a photoshoot, or some other such event that requires the participants to be extremely lean at unhealthy body fat percentage.

The same approach could be used if you want to lose fat. Three sessions a week can get you to your goal pretty fast and if you want to maximize your activity levels you could add in more cardio sessions in between but instead of going to the gym you could take the kids and your partner for a walk, go hiking with friends, and simply add more physical activity into your life. There’s no need for daily gym sessions when you’reliving an active lifestyle.

For those who are maintaining their results it’s even easier. They can train 2 to 3 times a week provided they’re watching their diet.

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