How To Build A Body Of Your Dreams

There are many ways to staying fit these days. You can diet and move a lot (ditch the car, use the stairs, get a bicycle), join the gym, go running, go swimming, do sports, or train at home. Add a healthy diet to the picture and you won’t ever know the excess weight problem. Eat as much as you need and move. But that is just a part of it, isn’t it? While many people would like just shrink and it will do to make them happy with the way they look, others want a particular look, while yet others would like a certain troublesome body part changed.

Here’s where fitness comes into play. Changing body composition is not an easy task but could be done with proper training and diet.

Build A Body Of Your Dreams

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Know Purpose of Your Training

So if you don’t just want to go down a few dress sizes, but also want your body composition to change, be sure your training and diet match your goal. Endless cardio will shrink your belly, but probably won’t do much for your butt. High intensity circuits will make you lose fat faster than hours on a treadmill, but won’t grow anywhere as much muscle (and as fast) as weight training. So once you’ve figured out the things you want to change and set a goal, make sure your training program helps you get there. Otherwise you’re just training to burn calories and generally be healthy, which isn’t wrong at all but does nothing to change your body aside from its size.

Know Your Body Shape

In order to change something you need to know what it is. If you have narrower hips you need to focus on building the lower part of the body to balance out the silhouette. If you have narrower shoulders then they are your main focus. It doesn’t mean to train only them. But maybe dedicate one more day to that body part to make progress a little faster. If you want to define waist, ditch the oblique exercises altogether and focus on building back and butt.

Tailor Diet to Your Goal

Wanna lose fat? Good, cut down calories to create a caloric deficit. Want to build muscle? Add some in to be in a surplus. Want to maintain your muscles while losing fat? Be sure to eat enough protein. Training with high intensity a lot? Don’t avoid carbs or you’ll deplete all your energy stores and won’t have enough of it to workout. Be smart about how you design your diet. It should match your fitness goals and be sustainable.

Rounding out this, it all comes down to growing muscle and shrinking body fat no matter how you want to look, like a model or a bodybuilder. Muscle doesn’t only give you the look though. As you lift heavier weights you are becoming stronger. Strength training also increases bone density, cardiovascular health, and has many other health benefits.

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