How To Get Bikini Body

It’s that time of year when everyone who didn’t make a fitness New Year’s resolution is starting to think about joining a gym to get that bikini body ready for the summer season. Well, guess what, you’re way behind than everybody else.

Tips on Getting That Bikini Body

Kayla Rose

Kayla Rose

Those who started this year with a fitness journey and haven’t gone off the track, I salute you. Keep working and forget you have another year to star over again. Those who want to get fit for summer are in trouble because unless you’re young and have little excess weight it’s just too little time for you to really build a great fit bikini body. But don’t despair yet. Even if you just started you’ll still be looking better than you would if you haven’t.

The problem with the idea of getting fit for summer (or any other season or event) is that you have little time to really work on all the problems and that you mentally putting an end to your endeavor once the goal is achieved. But that is beside the point and here are only the tips on how to get a better body for summer.

Set a Goal

If you have little excess fat, your goal is to get rid of it. You can’t have a nicer fuller butt, there’s just no time for both losing fat and building glutes. These two involve a different approach to both diet and training. So go for circuit training, strength training, and plyometrics to accelerate the progress for melting fat. Reduce your calories, but remember that the more you excercise, the more energy you need to recover and preserve whatever muscles you have. You won’t build curves and you won’t build butt, if anything it will likely shrink. But you will achieve your goal.

Choose Training

Those who have lots of excess fat and are new to training or haven’t trained in a long time are in luck cause you can build muscle while losing fat and ladies, you will need those muscles for that coveted fit look, trust me. So don’t neglect weight training. I’d even recommend only weights with gradual progression. This won’t be quick but at least it will prevent saggy skin and will give you a much better body than hours and hours of cardio or even circuit training.

If you are naturally slim and looking to build more muscle toward summer simply incorporate weights into your training. Start eating a few calories more than you need and up your protein intake. Yes, you will gain a bit fat, but if you do it right and track your calories and macros, you will minimize the fat gain. Just don’t let it be an excuse to eat anything without exercising any kind of control.


As you can see all of the approaches have drawbacks. The first one with the circuit training doesn’t really do much for body composition. It only helps burn calories and those fat deposits. The other two take time, which is getting less with every single spring day. Other drawbacks are the mistakes you will make when you’re trying to lose fat till summer (or something else). Many people don’t consider their background when choosing a weight loss training program (which almost always includes lots and lots of cardio). Thus, if you are an overweight or even obese person losing weight too fast without building muscle will make your skin sag. Even if you have a few extra pounds just losing them won’t give you the figure of your dreams. But you already have a desire to start, so instead of chasing that elusive bikini body dream, just make it a starting point in building the body you’ve always wanted.

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