How To Get Out Of Fitness Rut

You don’t see results in appearance or performance, your interest in a workout is getting weaker and it starts to feel more like a chore? If you feel like you want to workout less and less or you’re not seeing the results you might be stuck in a fitness rut. Here are few ways to get out of and prevent one.

Get Out Of Fitness Rut

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Hire A Personal Trainer

If you’ve been using all the machines at the gym and they haven’t been working for you lately. If you don’t know what else to do hire a personal trainer. Even a few sessions can help you build a solid knowledge of proper form and basic exercises you can do to achieve your specific goals. Besides he or she can inspire you to push yourself more than you do when working out on your own.

Get A New Program

If you’ve been doing the same exercise routine for months chances are you’re not getting any results and it’s time to switch it up and turn to something new. Try to up the intensity of your workouts, add weights, intervals, plyometrics, or CrossFit moves to challenge your muscles and work your entire body. You can try a new type of training as well. Maybe it will inspire you and give you a new perspective. Doing something that’s fun can help you fall in love with working out again. Switch things up every three to six weeks to keep the intensity high or low depending on your current fitness goals.

Know What You’re Doing

This can’t be stressed enough. When you don’t know what exercise targets what muscles you cannot know if you’re doing it properly. Sure a personal trainer or an experienced exercise partner can watch your form and correct you but feeling the muscles at work will provide you with understanding of what works what and how to do it right on your own.

Get Rest

If you feel fatique, regular muscle pains and have more colds you might be overtrained. Try lowering the intensity of your workouts for at least three weeks or get more rest days in between your workouts. You may even take a break to fully recover before moving to your next fitness goal. Anyway, you’ll need to get plenty of sleep and vitamins to help your body heal.

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