How To Keep Winter Weight Gain Under Control

Winter is often the time when people gain extra weight. It is perceived as a fact of nature or done on purpose to increase muscle mass but there are ways to keep it under control to reducing the cutting stage and make it much easier.

Tips for Keeping Weight Gain Under Control

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Diet Check

Cold season is full of holidays so it’s important to keep your diet in check. There are still many seasonal vegetables to take advantage of and keep warm with hot soups rather than cocoa and sugar bombs that are commercial coffee drinks. It might be tempting to eat more in cold weather but you have to make sure to eat healthy and just as much as you need if you don’t want pounds to pile on.


Doing cardio even during your bulk stage is important if you want to keep your body effecient at fat burning. Do it on separate days from regular training but don’t compensate for it too much with food. Your muscles are built primarily from exercise and effort and not extra¬†calories.

Physical Activity

It’s tempting to bury into bed under warm blankets in winter but physical activity is a must for all year round leanness. Do a winter sport, get together with friends for a walk, or do some chores around the house. Get active, get your blood going around your body and you just might feel warm enough not to give into the temptation of eating extra calories.

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