How To Maximize Your Effort At The Gym

There are always some new smarter and more effective ways to do stuff, training at the gym included. And sometimes our time at the gym is simply limited due to all the different life circumstances. Try and make the most of it so you won’t feel like skipping a workout all while feeling achieved and satisfied.

Maximize Your Time & Effort At The Gym

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Try Supersets

Supersets are great for when you’re trying to build muscles. They help exhaust a certain muscle as well as save you some time at the gym. You end up finishing your routine faster as well as shaking things up a notch. To perform a superset do two exercises on a same¬†muscle (shoulders) or antagonist muscles (biceps and triceps), for example, back to back without rest. Take small breaks between supersets from one to two minutes.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is great when you’re trying to lose fat and gain or maintain muscle. Including both strength and cardio moves, circuit training can also save some¬†time while wringing every last drop of energy out of you. Also since you don’t have time to rest between exercises there’s little chance you’d stop to talk on your phone or

HIIT Cardio

No time for hour-long cardio sesh? No problem. An HIIT cardio workout can take as little as ten minutes during which you’ll sweat as if you’d been going for an hour. You can either use Tabata protocol (going for 4 minutes of interchanging 20 second intense and 10 second rest intervals) while biking, swimming, running, or jogging. Or you can perform a full body routine that includes explosive plyo movements and other cardio exercises.

Also if you have little time performing basic moves that engage most muscles like squats, deadlifts, and lunges is the best tactic for a full body workout. Eliminating distractions like phone calls, chatter, and magazines can also help you take your fitness to a whole new level. Don’t forget to challenge your body for a constant progress.

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