How To Motivate Yourself To Run


Motivate Yourself To Run

Running was never my favorite physical activity. It’s hard to run in a mountain landscape and in a sharp chill air. But lately I just cannot deny its effectiveness in combating the bulge. Besides it’s free and liberating in a way. But before you can feel that for yourself, it can be hard to motivate yourself to start running.

The most challenging thing about it is to get your foot out the door. The rest is easy and even if you can’t run anymore you can walk and still benefit and feel good about yourself. After all any physical activity is better than none.

Run In The Morning

Running the first thing in the morning doesn’t leave much room for excuses. If you make it a ritual, like brushing your teeth it’ll be easier. The hardest part is really set your foot outside, but once you start putting on the clothes and sneakers, your ShockSock and earphones the feeling of unwillingness might dull. And if it doesn’t, well you’re already dressed and ready.

Run Where It’s Beautiful

Running across a pleasant beautiful landscape is not only nice but it can be better for your joints. If you have fields and groves chances are you can avoid pounding asphalt and thus get a bit more amortization from natural surfaces. They can also give you a bit of a challenge (though more injury risk on a an uneven surface).

Run To Clear Your Head

Running can be therapeutic. No matter the mood I wake up in it’s always a bit better after the run. If it doesn’t stress you too much it can give you a sort of fulfillment, physical and mental relaxation, and focus. Once you start seeing results it’ll be even easier to motivate yourself.

Of course, you shouldn’t ditch the resistance training altogether. You can introduce interval running or sprints if distance running isn’t your thing. And you should also do these moves to strengthen your muscles and prevent injury,

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