How To Stay In Shape While Injured

An injury can really throw anyone off the track. It takes time to heal and it makes it harder to exercise and stay in shape. Some injuries require bed rest, which eliminates exercise altogether. That is why injury prevention is so important in any sports and workout. Good form, proper technique, enough concentration, and rest will help you prevent injuries. But if it happens here’s what you can do to make sure you aren’t out of the game for too long to lose your shape and fitness.

Tips To Stay In Shape While Injured

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There are a few ways you can deal with an injury and exercise dilemma. First, make sure to take at least a week or two off your training to let any minor injury heal almost completely. You won’t lose much unless you start eating really unhealthy all of a sudden, but your body will have some time to work on that healing process.

Working out around injury. Then if your doctor allows it you can try working out around injury making sure not to put any strain or force on that area whatsoever. Your goal is not to make it worse by turning it into a chronic thing. Choose exercises that don’t involve the injured area and do your best with these exercises. You might want to look into other forms of training that wouldn’t worsen your injury but will let your exercise more efficiently.

During this time pay close attention to what you’re eating to help nourish the body and heal itself. Eat healthy and keep your calories in maintenance or a small surplus to keep those muscles.

If the injury is more serious and requires more time off the training all you can really do is let your injury heal, eat healthy, and not try to work through it. Doing physical therapy as prescribed by the doctor can help but going back to training too soon can lead to permanent injury and that is not what you want. Be patient, eat clean, and once you can do something, make sure to start small and always watch the form.

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