How To Stick With Your Fitness Plan

Following your fitness plan religiously can be quite challenging but it is far from impossible. Besides if you’re only starting it can be too overwhelming to start working out, eating clean, eradicating bad habits you’ve been keeping for years. Here is a simple method that will help you stick with your fitness plan.

Stick With Your Fitness Plan

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Setbacks Are Natural

The first thing to remember when you’re trying to ease into fitness is that any kind of setback is normal. Things don’t usually go as planned so if you got sick and couldn’t make it to the gym it doesn’t mean you have to stop eating healthy, for instance. If you made a few unhealthy choices today doesn’t mean you have to stop making healthier ones later in the day or tomorrow. It’s just a minor setback that won’t have much impact if you don’t let it spiral out of control.

Motivate Yourself Daily

Since motivation can get you started, it can also keep you going. Daily motivation will help you be consistent with your workouts and nutrition. Remember that nutrition is a big part of success so instead of trying to stuff yourself with bland chicken get creative with your food and try new healthy recipes to help you enjoy food and stay on track.

Pledge To Do Less

So you promised yourself to workout today, great. An hour of cardio, another hour of strength training or whatnot and you already don’t feel like exercising at all just thinking about it. Instead of planning massive workouts that intimidate you go for shorter but more intensive ones or pledge to do ten minutes of cardio. It’s not a lot but when you’re already doing it, it might be easier for you to persuade yourself to go a little longer. Thus you’ll get the feeling of accomplishment by simply doing a harder but shorter workout or going longer when you planned to do less.

Make Healthier Swaps

When going on a diet or simply changing your eating behavior make sure to start slowly. Don’t go cutting calories left and right eating only one group of foods. Remember that no certain food will make you fat. It all depends on the portion, the cooking method, the frequency at which you eat it. So just be mindful of what you eat and make healthier swaps in order to ease into this whole clean eating lifestyle. First and foremost, add fresh fruit and veggies. They can keep you full thanks to fiber and they will also help soothe the sweet tooth. Get whole grains instead of refined breads and pasta and ditch the sugar.

Be Accountable To Yourself

If you need to be accountable for your choices before someone else that’s fine as long as it works for you. Ultimately though you should be the first one to want to change and commit to this new lifestyle.

How do you keep up with your fitness plan?

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