How to Train Away Winter Blues

Winter blues may hit out of the blue (no pun intended) and clench you in its unhappy embrace making simply getting outside a chore. But that’s exactly what you should do. Winter blues is simply a state of mind and a good workout can actually help make it better.

Train Winter Blues Away

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Energize Every Day

Feeling lack of energy is one of the SAD (seasonal affective disorder) symptoms but exercise can charge you up like a battery to get you through the day. An intense burst of activity like brisk walking or sprinting will actually energize instead of draining you. Schedule your workouts at 30 minutes every day to ensure you don’t burn out but also get good physical activity to make you alert and full of energy. Do it in the morning to make your entire day more pleasant.

Boost The Mood

SAD is a mood disorder so it’s best you keep those workouts short but powerful to help boost your mood for the day. If you are feeling sad some good music and good moves will help improve your mood quite physically as exercise helps release endorphines into your system.

Get Out

Being in the sun (even the winter one) is better for the mood than sitting in the dark. It cheers up and makes for better mood. Take your workout outdoors and enjoy the natural light as much as you can. Walk, run, cycle, or find another pleasing activity that will take your mind off winter or better yet helps you enjoy it.

What do you do to beat winter blues exercise-wise?

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