One Tip That Will Help You See All Your Wonderful Progress

Sometimes we all need a different perspective. Girls of the Instagram know a lot about the way their body looks from various angles and in different lighting because they take photos and pose in front of the mirror almost every day. So if you feel like you are working very hard and eating healthy but your body barely changes, it may not be that something’s wrong with your diet, workout program, or a supplement game. You just might need a new perspective.

See The Progress You’ve Made

Muscle definition

Besides pump and actual muscle to fat ratio, lighting can make us look visibly different in a matter of seconds. Sun and natural light will show all of the flaws (real and perceived) while artificial lighting can make or break the way your body looks.

Overhead lights will show you more muscle definition and the one in the shops’ changing rooms can make the natural skin unevenness seem worse and more noticeable than it really is making you believe you have cellulite.

Also, when you compare yourself to people on the Internet don’t neglect the power of various filters, photo editors, and other factors that make up photography (albeit self made).

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