Why It’s Easy To Stay Fit During Holiday Season

We see tons of these articles every year during this season. They all teach how to survive the holidays, how not to gain weight. I wrote one last year. But in reality it’s not hard and the holiday season isn’t different from any other one.

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Holidays Are Few And Far Between

It’s the celebrations at work, with family, with friends, with kids that pile up to a whole season of overeating, exercise skipping, and all that jazz. Factual holidays are in fact just four days (if you count Halloween as a start of the holiday season). Enjoying good dinner with family and friends is perfectly fine on those days. Meanwhile in between, just stay off high calorie snacks and sugary drinks at those celebration parties.

No gym, No Excuse

Even if you don’t have time to go to the gym you have time to exercise at home. Just cut back on social media and Internet surfing and get in 30 intense minutes each and every day. Eat less than when you are attending the gym if you don’t exercise as intensely (chances are you don’t). Remember, the less energy you spend, the less you need to consume.

Eat Fruit And Veg

Bananas and apples are available year round as are baby carrots and it’s now time for bell pepper. Snack on fresh fruit and veg instead of energy bars and packaged snacks. It’s always a good idea to keep in mind but with the gym mentality you might think you need protein and energy bars when in fact what you need is a low calorie fiber-rich snack and a wholesome meal.

Move Around

Make it a rule that if you cheated on your diet with yet another celebration party you go home on foot or at least make sure you rock that dancefloor to expend at least some part of those consumed calories. The more energy you consume the more you need to move around and your gym cardio may not help or be too late of an effort. You can also skip full meals the next day and eat lightly to compensate for the calories you ate the night before but it’s a tricky route and requires a lot of discipline. Rather make up some errands to run and chores to perform as they’ll be more immediate and thus easier to complete. How do you stay fit during holiday season?

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