Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Eating clean is the key to success when it comes to shedding weight or shredding muscle of fat. Remember that it is virtually impossible to out-train a bad diet. So even if you kill yourself at the gym the choices you make in the kitchen or outside of it directly affect the result you’re working so hard to get (taking into account that you’re completely healthy). So the first thing you have to do is get your diet sorted out. There are also other things you can do to keep on track.

Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

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You Aren’t Commiting

When you commit to a healthy lifestyle all the exuses go out the door. Try to make gradual changes in everyday life toward healthier lifestyle instead of jumping in not knowing what to do and where to start. Start with figuring out how many calories you burn and how many do you need to be healthy and get results. A food diary can help you stay accountable for your diet if you measure your food correctly and be honest about every morsel you consume including tasting food when cooking or ordering a takeout.

Setting Unreasonable Goals

Shedding weight before summer, wedding, or high school reunion isn’t feasible and rarely rational. Losing 30 lbs in a week isn’t healthy either. So instead of setting an end date to your fitness journey and then repeat it all over again when the next important date rolls over, why not get fit and try to maintain that through clean eating and exercising?

You Aren’t Consistent

Being consistent is about commitment but it surely has to be emphasized. Without consistency in your workouts and diet your minor efforts will go unnoticed or in vain. Set a schedule, do a meal prep every week or three days, and make healthy choices anywhere you dine.

Relying on just your diet or exercise may not be optimal for getting solid results. While you can get slimmer by cutting calories you can’t get toned and correct your figure shape without exercise. The same with the type of training. If you only rely on steady pace cardio as a more popular method of weight loss you can get slimmer and work some muscles to some degree but strength and bodyweight training and HIIT can give you so much more. Besides too much cardio can make your body hold onto fat. If you are being active and trying to eat clean but you don’t get the results you want make sure to take an honest look at your lifestyle. Are you commited, consistent, and reasonable with your fitness goals? Chances are there are things you can improve something about your routine.

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