3 Ways To Break Through Plateaus

Plateus happen to everybody all the time regarless of their goals. But there are three sure ways to break through them and keep those results coming.

How to Break Through Plateaus

Bruce Lee

Word of inspiration from Bruce Lee

First way to get through a plateau is to shake things up. Stop routine training and either take a break or change up exercises to give your body a new challenge. Since our bodies and central nervous system are so great at adapting and finding ways to work more efficiently under new and new circumstances it is important to either progress in overload or change exercises to engage the muscles differently or make other muscles take up more load instead.

Taking a break is also a good way to prevent the body from adapting to a new routine too quickly as well as prevent injuries and burnout (ehich is especislly true when you are increasing intensity of your workout).

And finally, going beyond a workout might actually help you look better. We are made for movement, but most of us are moving actively for mere three hours a week at best. Try adding more physical activity on top of your gym training. Add cardio, plyo morning exercise, yoga, and walking to your day-to-day life and see how easy it is be to stay lean all year long.

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