4 Cheap And Easy Ways To Speed Up Muscle Recovery

Muscle recovery is one of those things that’s the faster it is the more you can train. The more often you can train, the leaner you’ll be. If you are doing heavy lifting and getting sore all the time you may be required to wait for as long as week to get to train the same muscle. And that is not as efficient as hitting it two times a week. Besides if you are getting sore from compound moves like deadlifts, chances are not only will your legs and butt hurt, your back may be in for some pain as well. So here are 4 easy and cheap ways to speed up that recovery without shelling bucks on expensive BCAAs, massages, or even fancy foam rollers.

Easy Ways To Speed Up Muscle Recovery

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Cold Bath/Shower

Ever seen how fighters recover? Ice cold baths. While you may not need the ice, a cold shower or bath might certainly help reduce inflammation in the muscles. Just be sure you aren’t a chronic cold sufferer and be careful not to sit in cold water for too long. 7 minutes might be just enough to give your muscles a nice overall cold pack.

Quality Sleep

Quality sleep should be the next thing on your list after a healthy meal, of course. Make sure to  hit the sack early and get at least 6-8 hours of shut eye uninterrupted. Do whatever you have to, but getting enough sleep might just be the most important part of this whole recovery thing.

Active Recovery

Now, active recovery doesn’t mean a work out. Go for a walk to stretch your sore legs after leg day. Stretch a bit, do light yoga or go swimming. Just give your sore muscles a gentle shake up to get the blood flowing bringing them all the nutrients they need to recover fast.

Chocolate Milk

Finally, chocolate milk is one of the best post-workout drinks out there not only because it’s yummy, but because it contains not only carbs but also some protein. It’s a great way to nourish your muscles fast after a gruelling gym session.

What do you do to speed up muscle recovery and consequential gains?

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