5 Fitness Tips To Steal From Fashion Models

When talk is on about fashion models’ thinness people often remember horror stories about young girls starving themselves living off alcohol and olives or worse – trying to dull hunger with cotton balls (don’t try this at home). But lately as fitness becomes a bigger mainstream trend by the day even fashion models found ways to stay fed, healthy and thin through training and healthy eating.

Model Karlie Kloss

Being in Shape All Year Round

A big part of any models’ job is to look good so it’s no wonder most try to stay fit all year round. It’s not only great for your skin (less stretching), it also prevents you from going into big calorie deficits that may lead to all kinds of stress (trouble sleeping, overeating, cravings).

Owning Home Gear

Whenever you’re late to a spinning class or can’t make it to the gym having a few resistance bands or an adjustable kettlebell at home can provide you with the opportunity of a good sweating. Models travel a lot due to the nature of their job so they usually pack ankle weights, fitness balls, and bands to keep them in shape on the road.

Model Doutzen Kroes

Stop starving yourself, even models are eating now

Sticking To Diet

While models are known for starving themselves many of them found that professional advice helps stay fit without harmful practices. They usually stick with the diet their nutritionists choose for them or simply follow the healthy eating principles that are known worldwide by now – more veg and fruit, less sugar. You can find something that works for you (lower carb, vegan, or dairy-free diet). The key is to always keep making healthier choices even when you don’t really want to.

Drink Water

Every other model will tell you she drinks a ton of water or at least tries. While you shouldn’t make yourself drink if you really don’t want to it’s always a good idea to sub soda, latte, or even juice for clean fresh water if you want good skin.


Boxing has become a big trend among models. Probably because it’s way more fun than machine cardio and can really build strength in your upper body.

Frankly, I am not a fan of conventional models’ physique because it’s way too slim for my taste but if you’re naturally long and lean these are the principles that can help you stay toned and fit without starving or looking frail. These are also great fitness tips for those who don’t favor gym, bodybuilding, and other strength sports.

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