5 Great Benefits of Walking You Don’t Want to Miss

Since moving to a new country I was forced to walk a few miles up and down the hill every day and considering the lack of appetite in a hot climate I surely have slimmed without any effort. I also still haven’t joined the gym and when do eat, I don’t weigh my food or count the calories. I also noticed that even tourist destinations don’t have sidewalks anymore. No one walks from their home to wherever ghey need to be, everybody rides some kinds of transport and rarely it’s the one like a bycicle, which requires a physical effort from you.

Great Walking Benefits

But walking isn’t just great as an exercise. It also has a ton of benefits that come without trade-offs you usually get working with heavy weights or doing high intensity cardio.

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It Improves Mood

Walking is an exercise and like any exercise it promotes the release of endorphines that help alleviate bad moods and even make you feel happy and satisfied.

It Helps Relieve Insomnia

Studies found that walking helps people sleep better and relieve insomnia. A one hour walk can be enough to improve your sleep and actually too intense workouts may disrupt it.

It Spares Joints

Walking gives you most benefits of exercise wighout being too taxing on your body as a whole and joints in particular. If you have bad knees and cannot do a lot of exercise, try walking instead.

It Decreases Risk of Dementia

Research ini Alzheimer’s and mental decline shows that people who walk more half a much less chance of either.

It Gives You Energy

Brisk walking is an energizing activity because it promotes circulation and increases oxygen supply making you feel alert and full of energy.

Finally, walking everyday really helps to tone and slim your body. Unless you’re eating more than you need walking will help you slim down very fast without taking toll on your joints and ligaments as well as past health problems and injuries.

It’s unfortunate that people don’t walk as much anymore and consider walking more of an exercise than a normal daily activity. We are consuming much more food than we need given our desk jobs and ubiquitous transportation. In reality to be fit people should either start eating less or moving more.

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