5 Reasons You Aren’t Seeing Any Results

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If you feel like you’re working your butt off but not getting results you should probably go back to the drawing board and see where the problems lie because there is nothing more discouraging than working hard and reaping no rewards.

You’re Not Eating The Right Stuff

The issue of diet is probably one of the most common one when it comes to getting what you want regardless of whether you’re trying to lose pounds or build them. The poor diet doesn’t provide your body with necessary nutrients to build muscle and too many calories are keeping the fat over your muscle mass. Be sure to eat enough protein and veg in order to keep lean and stay away from sugar and processed foods if you want to build or lose mass.

You Don’t Know What Your Goal Is

Working out without setting goals should only be the case when you’re simply maintaining your results. Otherwise you should decide on whether you are building muscle or losing fat. More often than not your body cannot do both (unless you’re a total newbie), so pick one and stick with the plan that is more efficient to achieve that. If you’re losing fat make sure there is a calorie deficit in your diet and supplement your weightlifting with cardio to accelerate the process.

Your Form Is Poor

Your technique really impacts the way your muscles work. Firstly, if your technique is bad you are risking an injury that can keep you out of the gym for a while and secondly, if you are not hitting the target muscles, all of your effort is practically in vain. Learn how to do an exercise without weights and when you’re doing it correctly, start adding weight gradually.

There’s No Progressive Overload

Progressive overload in your workouts is important. If your weights or volume don’t grow, you don’t grow. Be sure to add weights or repetitions (depending on how strong you are) each workout in order to make sure you’re progressing.

Your Workouts Are Inadequate

If you’re working out too often and hard your body doesn’t get a chance to recover (and that’s when the muscles grow). If you’re working out too infrequently or inconsistently, on the other hand, you’re not giving your body a reason to grow. Figure out the volume and frequency of workouts that work for you and stick with them.

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