5-Weeks-Till-Summer Regimen

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It’s almost 5 weeks left till summer and you may think it might be the high time you did something to get in better shape. Although many would agree that the earlier you start the better results you’ll get most still wait till it’s a few weeks before the bikini/short-season starts. Well, even in five weeks time you can whoop your booty and stomach into decent shape provided you have just a few extra pounds. But even you’ve got a lot to lose, now is the time to start.

Week 1

Start with most important thing – diet. You may think it’s joining the gym or signing up for classes or just buying new athletic wear but it’s in fact fixing the very reason you’re gaining fat. Get rid of soda, packaged snacks, sweets, and junk food and add veg, fresh fruit, and water to your grocery list. During this week you can start doing light warm ups and add walking to your regimen. Ditch your car, get more active.

Week 2

Start moving. Join the gym, take classes, go running, swimming, dancing. You can spend the whole first week taking sample classes and sessions to figure out what you like the most and what makes you want to come back. Whatever you enjoy, stick with that and be consistent. Do at least 3 intense sessions a week.

Week 3

If you don’t feel or see some progress by now it may be because you’re cheating on your diet or not moving enough or because it’s too early for your body to show some drastic results. Don’t despair, keep at it. Go over your grocery list/fridge contents and make sure you’re eating vegetables and lean protein with at least two of your daily meals. Find snacks that fill you up but aren’t loaded with sugar and calories like banana, apple, or a handful of nuts. In terms of training, don’t just do cardio, incorporate some body-resistance exercises even if you’re just using your body weight.

Week 4

By fourth week you should see some results but don’t get frustrated if they aren’t what you expected. The less you have to lose the slower you’ll progress. The one thing that will give you visible results by week 4 is weight lifting. While doing your favorite thing don’t forget those bodyweight exercises that can help you build muscle and strengthen your core.

Week 5

By weeks 5 and 6 you’ll be able to see good enough results if you stick with your diet and training. It may not be Instagram or before and after picture-worthy yet but it will still be better. Be sure to take those before and after pictures though because the tiny progress may not always be visible to the naked eye. You are guaranteed to feel and look better than you did when you just started and by this point will have developed a habit of eating healthy and training consistently enough. Keep at it to maintain your results and progress further.

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