Another 5 Weight Loss Myths That Need To Go Already

I’ve covered a lot of fitness and workout myths here but these are definitely the ones that get repeated each time someone decides to give you a weight loss advice. Listen, if you want to shed extra pounds, all you have to do is change your diet towards healthier stuff, count calories if self-control’s an issue, and work out a bit to maximize your calorie deficit through activity rather than diet.

5 Weight Loss Myths That Have To Go

Calorie counting

But every time, there is an article on weight loss you can be sure you’ll see these myths being fed as ‘advice’.

Overweight Have Slow Metabolism

Since you have excess weight, your metabolism is in the gutter, right? Wrong. Overweight people have a higher metabolism simply due to their size. They burn more calories at rest than skinnier individuals that’s why a few small modifications to their diet can result in a quick and easy weight loss.

Fat-Burning Foods Existence

Foods that burn fat just like that DO NOT exist. They are either simply healthy or less calorie-dense than other foods, hence, the more of them you’re eating, and the less of unhealthy high-calorie foods you consume, the slimmer you become. Just like that.

Low-Fat, Low-Carb Debate

The debate among non-competing individuals in fitness about what kind of diet they should eat to lose that last flab is tiring. It’s all about nutritional balance and energy output versus energy input. Of course, a low-carb diet can make you look a bit slimmer, thanks to the fact that the less carbs you eat the less water you gain. But once you give up this diet (which is quite difficult to sustain) you’ll look just a tiny bit rounder. It’s simply not worth it and should be used for competing on stage only.

Eating a balanced diet with enough carbs and fats can actually work better in the long run in terms of both your health and appearance.

Drinking A Ton of Water

Drinking water just because someone passes it off as a weight-loss tactic is silly. It won’t flush fat from your body just because you’re chugging water even when you’re not thirsty. It’s good to swap soda for water and see the pounds melt, at least a bit. But it all comes down to diet anyway.

Timing Nutrient Consumption

If you think dinner will make you fat because you’ve frankly cheated on your diet throughout the day, then yeah, it would probably help if you skipped it. But timing consumption of fruit, carbs, and fats is downright useless and can even disrupt your sleep. Carb help our bodies relax, so if you want a good night’s sleep while dieting, keep your meals carb-rich closer to bed time. The rest is just exercise in futility. If you eat less than you burn, you will see results in fat loss.


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