Anything To Make You Move: AG6 Workout Looks Like A Dance Arcade

If you were looking for the ultimate way to work out without feeling bored or completely lonely here is AG6, a workout program that looks like a dance arcade. Built around HIIT/circuit training it gives your whole body a good shake up all the while testing and training your speed, reaction, and muscle memory.

AG6 uses PARMA technology, which consists of pressure-sensitive walls and floors lit with LED lights that also emit sound creating an environment for the ultimate fitness class. The program that just came to New York in April promises to build you speed, reaction time, balance, strength, and endurance with exercises that include jumping, running in place, throwing ball at pressure targets.

A session costs $35 to non-members and members get a ten buck discount. So if you were looking for something fun and exciting AG6 may feel more like a game than a workout.

AG6 workoout

AG6 workout

AG6 Workout Arcade Will Make You Sweat

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