Cardio Can Do More For Your Muffin Top Than Any Targeted Exercise

Muffin tops are a pain in the…actually, they are more aesthetically unpleasant than physically sensitive. And for many people they are simply a cosmetic flaw that needs to be eliminated along with the belly. Well, just like no number of crunches will help you get rid of the stomach fat, no side bends, side planks, and other exercises you can do on each side will do anything to help you lose the muffin top.

How to Lose Muffin Top

Muffin top plank

The midsection is many people’s trouble area. Some people struggle to lose fat in their butts and legs, while us tummy-bearers, strive to keep the chiselled abs. Even when we are generally fit and muscly the soft midsection may be a problem. So it’s not a matter of certain special exercises although strengthening your core and doing some weighted ab work may definitely improve your ab definition.

If you are just starting working out your priorities lie in self-motivation, proper diet, and consistent weight and cardio training. Your untrained muscles will respond well to any sort of training and your body composition will be constantly changing throughout the fist six month or even a year.

By the time your body has adapted to all the training and new diet you might find that your trouble areas have improved or gone completely.

Although if that doesn’t happen there are two ways to go about it. You may try experimenting with your diet and decrease your carb or general calorie consumption and up the fats, see what happens. You can also add/increase the cardio and overall everyday physical activity. Include more walking, stair climbing, and simply more movement into your life. You may be surprised with the results.

The problem with all the exercises and workouts that are supposedly tailored for muffin tops is that they cannot spot burn the fat. It still comes down to the amounts of calories spent versus consumed. So it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you burn more than you eat your muffin top will decrease with the rest of your body.

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