Exercise And Cold: What To Know

It’s that time of the year now when cold weather and indoor/outdoor temperature contrast make a case for flu and casual colds and we need to be very careful in order to stay healthy. Washing hands, dressing to the weather, and even wearing masks around sick people are all good strategies at keeping the illness at bay but what does exercise do for us in terms of staying cold-free?

What To Know About Exercise And Flu

Working out when sick

It’s been said time and time again that exercise and increased immunity are connected. Further reasearch is still required to prove that link but some experts assert that exercise at least 20 minutes a day might just decrease your risk of catching a flu by 10 per cent. Numerous studies showed that consistent exercise helps prevent colds and keep you not only fit but overall healthy.

Exercising outdoors may present its challenges but there is plenty of sports clothing designed specifically for working out outdoors. While working out in a gym may also be problematic if you don’t take precautions. Make sure to use sanitizer before and after touching the machines. Wash hands after the work out. Be sure to dry and dress thoroughly before going out in cold windy weather and avoid exercising when being sick with virus as to prevent its spread in public spaces like gym.

If you are already sick but have the desire and energy to work out dialing down the intensity of your session might be a good idea though the exercise itself won’t harm you unless you push yourself too hard. In one study where the two groups of people were infected with flu virus it was found that the group that exercised for 40 minutes a day felt better having the same symptoms as the non-exercising group.

So taking a few necessary precautions against colds and viruses is a great idea as well as treating the colds in time may just give you the ticket to a healthy happy winter.

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