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Spinning classes can be fun and real effective, but what do you get from a real bike? And what if you don’t want to pay for classes anymore and would like to go free and solo? Well, here are some differences between a stationary and real bicycle you’d want to know before buying either.

Of course, there are drawbacks and advatages to both. One allows you to burn more calories as you can use it outside your home as a personal transport while another let’s you workout at home without giving you any excuse for slacking while it stands in the corner judging you for lying on a couch. But let us look at it in terms of the physical benfits each of these exerise tools can provide you with.


Indoor vs. Outdoor Cycling

It really depends on your speed and the duration of a ride when it comes to counting how many calories you burned from either bike but you should also consider the resistance of either a stationary bike (regulated) and the outdoor terrain and weather conditions. The difference probably won’t be as significant it’s just that for some it’s easier and less boring to ride outside than indoors (so their workout can be longer).

The bigger difference lies in resistance that you struggle against using either bike and which muscles get activated. Both bikes work pretty much the same muscles in legs and glutes but if you don’t crank it up purposefully in a stationary bike or went riding on a smooth downhill street you won’t get as good of a workout as you might think.

If you allow your exercise bike pedals to move for you, you will hardly get a cardio workout let alone engage any muscles. And a real bike can require all your balance to stay on uneven roads but you cannot really regulate the resistance and dificulty, at least not directly as with an exercise bike.


You might find indoor cycling dull and boring or, on the contrary, you dread the traffic and outdoor cycling terrifies you. But it has nothing to do with their effectiveness when it comes to working out. It all depends on you how you move and how much resistance you are willing to power through.

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