Fit Body: How To Get Maximum Results In Minimum Time

Losing weight is easy but you may spend a few years before you see a beautifully built body. And that’s if you’re inquisitive and interested enough. All the rest will be going in cicles wondering why they don’t look as good even though they train and eat “right”.

Get Maximum Results In Minimum Time

First of all, there is no absolute rule for creating a well built physique, aside from the very rule of weight loss of energy expenditure. That is an absolute rule that you can use to lose fat, muscle, water – mass of any kind. The rest is not so black and white. And since our interest lies beyond simple weight loss there are mistakes that you could avoid if you want to build a body of your dream.


Start With Your Diet

Your diet should be under control. It shouldn’t be impeccable as in “all organic, paleo, squeaky clean all of the time”. It should be manageable, balanced, and tailored to your goal. Want to lose fat, cut the calories, want to grow muscles add a bit if they don’t grow in deficit or maintenance (especially true for beginners). Watch where your food sensitivities lie and limit them or cut out completely (gluten, lactose, fast carbs). Your diet should bring you closer to your goal.

Do The Exercises That You Can Feel

Don’t feel your butt while squatting? Try bodyweight squats first if you’re a beginner or go for movements like hip thrusts and kickbacks. And don’t tell me you can’t build a butt with those. I hip thrust with 70 kg worth of plates and cable kickbacks allow you to increase weights up to what, a hundred kilos. Isn’t 40 lbs enough for you to kickback with one leg?

These exercises are great because you can feel the glute muscles (be sure to place your feet further from the bench in a hip thrust to really feel the butt working). These will strengthen your bum and prepare you for squats if you want to additionally build bigger legs, but honestly you could stick to Bulgarian lunges or heavy walking lunges and get decent results without adding much size in the legs.

Progress In Your Lifts

Women are more guilty of this one. If you want to tone or build muscles you have to lift weights that feel heavy. Do it gradually and stop adding weights when you feel you have enough muscle on your frame to satisfy your taste. You can maintain it by lifting your maximum weights 2-3 times and week. You can also keep building strength without adding muscle size working with weights in a 1-5 rep range.

Want to Lose Fat? Do Cardio

No, your muscles won’t burn or fall right off your skeleton as long as you’re eating enough protein, keep lifting heavy weights, and not running a marathon (42 km by the way). If you have excess fat, cardio is a great way to lose it fast, especially if you don’t want to cut your calories too much. HIIT, steady state, even fasted cardio – whatever works best for you.

Do What Works For You

Lately I noticed that a huge chunk of information that has to do with fitness (the kind where you’re lifting any weights) is all based around bodybuilding. What many people don’t understand when it comes to filtering such information is that bodybuilding is a professional thing. What might be true for bodybuilder bodies and training is not necessarily true for lay gym goers who en masse don’t even want to look like most bodybuilders anyway. So do what works for you. Can’t live without carbs? Eat carbs. Don’t want vascularity don’t train for the pump, don’t want huge muscles but still want to be strong train in low rep range, don’t want to do your cardio but need to lose fat, cut those calories.

Don’t go around in circles. Once you’ve set a goal, try to find out the best way for you to reach it. Also, don’t rely entirely on other people even if you think they know what they’re talking about. Always do some fact-checking.

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