Fit People Myths That Make Poor Excuses

Fit people myths are prevalent and seem like they just won’t die fast enough. You probably heard one or two or all of these and I’m sure will agree that they make poor excuses for anyone who still believes them.

Fit People Myths

Superman sign

Fit people aren’t superhuman

Fast Metabolism

First important fit people myth is that fit people have naturally high metabolism that allows them to eat whatever they want and not get fat. Fact is that people with naturally high metabolism usually don’t eat that much to begin with. They may eat a burger with you but generally they just have trouble consuming enough food to gain mass, fat or muscle. When people like this start weight training and eating properly they gain mass just like any other person. The rules of physics apply to everybody.

Natural Build a.k.a Genetics

Genetics get all the blame when it comes to body composition or pretty much anything people just don’t want to deal with. And while genetics play an important role in this, it’s not something you can’t overcome at least a little to get to satisfactory body composition. After all so many people found out they ‘have a waist’ after shedding a few pounds. Also, genetics can define the size/length of your bones, muscle


Another myth is that the young age is what keeps you fit. And while it’s true that it’s easier to get away with eating a poor diet when you’re a teen, once you hit sixteen (the exact age mark is different for some) the hormones start changing your appearance drastically. Many young girls start noticing something that’s been dabbed ‘cellulite’ while others begin to see how that their poor diet is taking toll on their bodies. This is when the age thing stops working for anybody and the diet and exercise or lack thereof start to play the main role in body appearance.

Another point is that our metabolism slows down along with muscle loss that occurs with age, but those numbers are small and insignificant especially when you introduce weight training that solves both into the picture.

Restrictive Diet

I often hear people say that fit people on the photos just simply aren’t eating enough. That they starve themselves for the looks and cut their portions to ridiculous sizes. In fact, fit people just aren’t eating high-calorie foods that aren’t satiating. Instead they usually track calories and macronutrients and hence opt for foods that are more nutrient dense and pack enough fiber to keep them full longer. Many of them actually eat smaller but more frequent portions that may count up to 6 times a day.

So you see, fit people just aren’t magical creatures who have all the secrets to a perfect body or even perfect health. Yeah, fit skinny people can also have health problems, they simply overcome or manage them to be able to live a normal life and be at a decent fitness level. That’s it, no excuses. Just do what will make you happy.

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