How To Make Your Butt Round

There are a lot of articles about all kinds of squats and other butt exercises that were invented to make butts round. But in order to understand what exercise work best for your butt you may want to learn a bit of anatomy of the butt, including your own. Of course, you could wait and see what exercises really work for you and help you progress toward the round butt but that may take lots of time and experimenting that also should be done right to see results. So I figure, it’s better to be informed and build your training on that.

Make Your Butt Round

Gluteals anatomy

Anatomy Lesson

As you may already know a butt consists of three muscles, all of which have different functions. There is the largest called gluteus maximus that allows movement of hip and thigh. Gluteus medius rotates the thigh and gluteus minimus is a flexor of thigh and pelvis. The latter two are located deeper beneath the gluetus maximus and covered by it. Usually when you do exercises like squats (for growth), deadlifts (for growth and that nice defined bicep), and lunges (for a butt lift) most or all of gluteal muscles activate to help you perform them, well, at least if your technique is on point. Doing them to increase size of your butt is important but what about the shape?

Round But Exercises

Gluteus medius may be partially covered by the gluteus maximus but it too is important when it comes to the overall look. If you want to lift your butt and create a nice curve at the small of your back this is the muscle you want to target. Doing exercises like donkey kicks, hip extensions, and side-lying hip abduction can really activate those muscles and help you strengthen them. Curtsy lunges are great for activating hip abductors more than gluteus maximus, so you can use this exercise to increase the size of your smaller glute muscles by adding heavier weights in curtsy squats.

Woman doing lunges with barbell

Bootybuilding Program

While doing the basic exercises can help your buttocks grow, hitting the glutes from different angles can also do the trick in changing and correcting that shape. Since your heredity and genetics define the shape and size of your butt, it may be challenging but not impossible. If your butt and legs are smaller than your upper body you can get away with training them twice a week. You can experiment with squats to find the best stance in which you can really feel your glutes working. Make sure to do it safely in a Smith machine focusing on driving weight through the heels to activate glutes and to minimize the quad work. Do side lunges and cursy lunges to really strengthen and grow your gluteus medius and minimus. This will not only will make your butt look better but will also help prevent injuries especially if you play sports like soccer.

Building your booty training around the basic exercises is a great idea as they will be most helpful in actually building and lifting that butt. But the additional isolation exercises for smaller muscles will also help in correcting your butt shape, so throwing in two or three of those to pair with squats and lunges and deadlifts is the way to go.

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