How To Optimize Your Weight Loss

With a ton of diet and workout plans out there it’s hard not to get confused. Some say you should cut out white carbs (bread, rice, potato) while others break weight loss plateaus with help of white potatoes exclusively. Some Instagram fit chicks claim they do the fasted cardio on non-training days to keep lean, while other say they just lift heavy and eat 2000+ calories a day. Both groups look fine. Question arises, who to follow and trust on both dietary and training aspects of weight loss?

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People often comment asking the Internet gurus about what they eat in a day or how they train. But while it may be enlightening if you’re¬†completely clueless on the topic for most the answer may be a little disappointing as they are doing the same thing but it doesn’t seem to work as well for them.

Well, there are two things you could do about it. First, make sure you’re truly following a healthy dietary scheme. No major food group exclusions apart from sugary sweets and oily fried foods. Count your calories, track your portions, do whatever you want to keep track of what and how much you’re eating. This will be half of your progress.

Another thing is that each person’s body responds differently to various types of exercise and intensity. Try cardio and if it works for you, then it works. If you hate it and can get away with just lifting weights, do that. If not, find a happy medium by doing fun cardio. There is no fit-all scheme or algorithm to success. You might simply make changes to your diet and like what you see in the mirror. You can simply add a few cardio sessions to your gym routine to be able to finally see those abs.

But in order to start optimizing this process, you need to cover the¬†basics and make sure you’re consistent. There’s no other way.

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