How To Prevent Back Injuries

It’s not news that physical training is injury-prone and back is one of the most popular areas that gets hurt during a workout. Sometimes it’s not even the movement that literally breaks your back but all those bad habits that have been building up to this moment. There are a few ways to keep your back healthy and strong and the earlier you start practicing them the healthier your back will be further down the line.

Tips on Prevent Back Injuries

Sit ups

When doing sit ups keep your lower back on the floor at all times to prevent the iliopsoas muscle shortening causing lower back pain

Sitting Right

Whether we like it or not and whether our doctors like it or not sitting is what most of the people do these days. This encompasses the work, the rest, and the entertainment. Sitting has become a part of our lifestyle whether we want to or not and unless you start doing something else entirely in your life sitting will make up 80 per cent of your time. Sitting has also been named as the cause of all the different health conditions and problems as well as a contributing factor to obesity. Does it mean we can’t do anything about it? No. Sitting right is just as important as taking breaks and stretching and walking every hour. Your chair should support your back and you should be able to sit comfortably for an hour without bending and crooking your spine.

Getting Active

Taking breaks from sitting is as important as getting active, but since sitting for prolonged periods of time can lead to wearkening of the glute and core muscles, getting active is vital. The back needs to be strong and stable during most exercises so it’s important to strengthen all the muscles around it that give it stability and support like glutes and abs. Weak glutes and core can lead to all kinds of back problems and pain so focus on strengthening them when you first start working out.

Right Movements

There are exercises that do nothing for your back or worse, they exacerbate the tension in the spine and may cause damage. Steering clear of all side bends/twists, especially with any weights, straight leg raises (in all those ab exercises), and sit-ups is a sure way to keeping your back strong and healthy. It’s also worth to note that extreme temperature shifts aren’t good for your back health either. Be sure to cool off gradually while wearing dry season-appropriate clothing.

Good Technique

Good technique will also help you avoid any bad back complications or injuries. If you don’t know how to do an exercise properly ask around, watch a video, or hire a professional to show you all the proper techniques for basic exercises. This will save you so many problems further along the way.

Also exercises common sense when first putting a foot into the gym. Never lift more than you’re comfortable with a.k.a. increase weight gradually by the minimum. Do not continue the exercises that causes acute pain. Work out around your existing problem or injury.

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