How To Strike A Balance Between Rest And Workout

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It’s so tempting to work out more often when you think it’ll speed up the results. On the other hand, working out every day may not sound realistic when you’re spending up to two hours at the gym and generally don’t sleep well. That’s why striking the right balance between work and rest is important.

Sure, working out every day can be good for  your progress, especially if you sit a lot and like to eat (who doesn’t though?). But, here’s where many get it wrong and star exercising every day like they would if they exercised 3 times a week. They do a lot of work, a lot of cardio, plus stretching, and some yoga for good measure. They eat a little and as a result start suffering from sleep loss.

It happened to me more times than I care to remember even when I was exercising just 3 times a week.

Even if you sit all day every day, your body needs rest and recovery period between intense/hard sessions. Those periods don’t necessarily have to be lazy and involve a couch. So split your days between lifting heavy and doing low-impact cardio. Don’t do all the work in one day and shorten your gym sessions if you’re working out 4-5-or 6 times a week.

This will help you balance out the workout, give you low-activity (not no-activity) days to recover and lessen stress that disrupts sleep, which leads to overeating.

Speaking of eating, don’t be afraid to eat more, but make sure you’re eating more of protein, healthy fats, and green veggies instead of fast carbs, animal fats, and sugars.

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