No More Trans Fats in Food

Trans fats are the worst kinds of fats because they’ve been linked to all kinds of diseases starting with cardiovascular ones all the way through to major depressive disorder and diminished memory. Now that they’re banned and the companies are given exactly three years to get rid of PHOs (partially hydrogenated oils – sources of trans fats) in their products, the coronary heart disease is expected to decrease along with fatal heart attacks.

FDA Bans Trans Fats

Potato chips

In 2013 FDA already considered trans fats ‘unsafe’. Extensive research and general public concern over trans fats’ health-related effects has given the last nudge to the problem solution. FDA reports that although Americans’ trans fat consumption has dropped dramatically (by 78%) between 2003 and 2012 PHOs are still a subject of concern.

Currently PHOs can be found in some spreads, cookies, cakes, and frosting as well as in foods like pizza and microwave popcorn. The list also includes other offenders like coffee creamers, savory snacks, and fried foods.

Avoiding trans fats is something many people are already practicing as well as many food manufacturers have ditched the PHOs from their products according to FDA itself. But there is also a problem of overeating that could be accountable for high heart disease and diabetes rates. Keep in mind that eating too much of the good stuff can also be bad for you.

So what about fully hydrogenated oils? Are they safe? While, fully hydrogenated oils don’t contain trans fats, they are basically saturated fat that should be limited in a healthy balanced diet. For now, look for accurate labels. They should state if oil is fully or partially hydrogenated, if it doesn’t state either just avoid the product altogether.

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