On The Importance of Incline

Incline is important when it comes to exercise. Always working the even surface may not give you the results you want. This is especially true about walking. When you’re walking at a comfortable speed and incline regardless of whether you’re doing it on a treadmill or outdoors you get the basic benefits but you can get so much more out of it.

The Benefits of Incline Walking

Man and woman incline walking

Increased Calorie Burn

First and obvious benefits of walking up the hill is increase in energy spent. The more challenging it is the more energy you spend and the more fat you can burn provided you’re on a diet.

Sexy Calves

Walking up the hill (preferrably outdoors because you can do it longer) tones up the calves and can help them grow. If you have a problem with your calves growing walking up the hill is a great way to stimulate those slow-twitching fibers.

Toned Bum

Walking uphill is not only a good intense cardio exercise, it’s also a way to activate and strengthen your glutes and if you take some load with you (a hiking backpack) you will really be able to feel these muscles at work, which can be very helpful for your work in the gym.

Changing incline can also be useful in letting you increase and decrease the intensity depending on whether you want to krank it up or allow yoursdelf to rest ankd recover before another interval. This is also a great alternative to those who have joint problems.

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