One Day Of Unhealthy Eating Can Affect Sleep

Turns out eating unhealthy just a day can mess up with your sleep pattern. A diet that is rich in saturated fat and sugars makes it harder to fall asleep and shortens the restorative phase of sleep.

Unhealthy Diet Can Affect Sleep

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According to Medical News Today a study in a Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine suggests that eating bad foods reduces duration of slow-wave sleep, when restoration of mental and physical energy happens. The study included 26 men and women of normal weight and average age of 35 who spent five nights in a lab eating a controlled diet for most of the time and as a result sleeping for around 7.5 hours. By the end of the experiment, however, they were allowed to choose their own meals, which surprisingly led to sleep disruption (it took twice as long for subjects to fall asleep).

Researchers suggest that there is a link between better sleep quality and a healthy diet. So if you are looking to improve your night rest a healthier diet may be an option along with exercise. Besides, research by St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center and Columbia University in New York has also linked sleep depravation to junk food cravings. Breaking this vicious cycle of bad diet and lack of sleep can also help you look and feel better.

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