One, Most Probable Reason You’re Still Fat

Looking for yet another diet or training program to make you slim in minutes? There are many of these out there but diet give you a temporary water weight relief while if you put all those minute workouts for each body part together you’ll get at least a 30 minute training program. So why don’t they work?

Reason You’re Still Fat

Belly fat and big jeans

Well, diet is the easy part. There are just a few macronutrients that could be found in any food source so it’s not much about what you’re eating that matters to weight loss but how much.

Six pack abs/slim thighs/round butt for six minutes aren’t effective workouts because they are too short to make you lose fat and reveal muscle definition as they are too short and light for stimulating any muscle to grow.

When it comes down to it, you are as big as how much you eat (to rephrase the popular saying). If you eat more than you burn off/expend/walk off, you will store more fat in your trouble areas (most popular stomach and thighs).

There aren’t many secrets to the diet if you push away all the stuff fitness industry is trying to sell you. Teas don’t slim you down through magic, clean water is the best way to flush out bad stuff from your body. Supplements are meant to add stuff to your diet not replace it, besides our bodies are better at absorbing nutrients from natural foods than synthetic sources. And no matter what you eat, the laws of physics are working just as usual, calories in vs. calories out.

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