Solving Leg And Butt Dilemma

The cult of bubble butt is still going strong. Everybody talks buns of steel and offers round butt workouts left and right but rarely anyone talks legs and when they do they usually say they don’t want huge legs. But that’s where the dilemma lies.

Leg And Butt Dillema

Woman squatting with a barbell

Every fitness site will tell you that in order to get that coveted butt you have to squat and pretty much do nothing else. But that’s the thing when you squat your legs take up most of the load. And if your are a beginner chances are yoou will not even feel the butt working during this exercise. Besides if your quads are prone to rapid growth and are naturally big you’ll end up growing them even bigger and that’s usually not the goal for many women.

In fact every knee dominant exercise will work your quads, some to lesser degree (deadlifts) than others (lunges) and you can do little to minimize their engagement during exercise simply due to biomechanics of knee dominant exercises.

So what’s left there? Deadlifts and isolation moves. The problem with the first is that many people have bad low back as it is and either cannot perform this exercise or simply can’t take heavy enough weights and progress. Isolation moves are generally bad for heavy lifting and should only be used as either as part of a warm up or as finishing moves.

So, if you can’t do deadlifts there is just one exercise that’s left there, a barbell hip bridge. Good isolatiin exercise that allows you to take good weight but not very convenient if you ask me.

Kick backs

Verdict? It’s true that such exercises like lunges, deadlifts, and squats can help you build a bigger, firmer butt, but they will build your legs along the way. But guess what actually makes it round? Fat. Yup, just take a good look at the glute muscles and you’ll ┬ásee that they’re actually square shaped. The right fat amount and distribution on top of those muscles gives your bum that feminine heart- shaped look.

You can tone and strengthen your glutes with some isolation work minimizing the use of your legs but chances are the effect won’t be as noticeable as with heavy lifting at least for most people.

So if you want to build a big round butt prepare to put in some leg work, literally. And expect your legs to grow with your glutes. This is a trade off. Don’t want big legs, the big butt can only be achieved through implants unless you have a genetically bigger rounder butt.

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