Study Shows That Exercise Is The Best Hunger Suppressing Pill

So there was a study published in the journal Medicine and Science In Sports and Exercise illustrating that people who exercise consumed less calories than those dieting, so if you’re looking for the ultimate appetite suppressant exercise might be the most effective and safest one.

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The researchers studied two groups of people one of which cut calories from their diet and the other one created a calorie deficit through a moderate-intensity 90 minute treadmill run. Both groups were offered an all-you-can-buffet to measure how much calories both of the groups will consume. Turns out the dieting group ate almost 300 more calories than the exercising group .

This has been explained by the researchers as hormone change. While the hunger hormone (ghrelin) decreases during workout, the hunger-suppressing hormone (peptide YY) rises.While dieting causes the opposite effect. The lead author David Stensel, Ph.D. hypothesizes that a reduced blood flow to the stomach where ghrelin is produced might lead to lesser ghrelin in the blood. 

Previous body of research by the group has also lead them to believe that higher intensity exercises reduce hunger.

Next time you’re trying to find a quicker way to shed pounds, go for the tried and tested diet and workout combo. As research has shown time and again, they are the best pill.

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