This Fitness Trend Got Millions People Interested

FitFloat boards

Another day, another fitness trend, eh? Aquaphysical’s video of their float board workout has gathered over 57 million views according to the UK-based company’s Instagram. Why? Because it’s kinda fun. FloatFit is an inflatable board that allows you to balance on water while working out. And it seems to be quite challenging as well.

Set to dispatch in August FitFloat will run you £550 (around $800) but you can also take classes if you’re in UK.

Floating on water can make it harder to do the simplest exercises, so if you’re trying to get more core stability and increase your fitness level this fun-looking class might be just what you need. Besides, what can be better than working out near water with an occasional/accidental dip?

Aquaphysical’s FitFloat Is A New Fitness Trend


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