This Piece Of Work Out Equipment Is Stylish But Is It Practical?

Meet Ubarre, a stylish U-shaped metal gear that promises not only to tone up your entire body, but also decorate your interior. Founders of the ultimately stylish home gym equipment are the two former models Kodi Kitchen and Nadine Levitt who wanted to create a beautiful piece of equipment that wouldn’t ruin your picture-perfect home.

Ubarre Is Stylish But Is It Practical?

U Barre

The Ubarres come in gold and dark grey, but how do they work? Well, the 4 and 8 lb weights can be used for ham stretches much like the (resistance bands), bicep curls, and whatever else you can come up with, I guess. The idea behind them seems more to do with design and attractiveness than practicality but that doesn’t mean you can’t take them on the road to have some type of weight training.

I guess, any type of movement and inspiration to do exercise counts. And that’s exactly what Kitchen and Levitt want to promote. If you are a visual person who doesn’t like to work out in the gym, this could work for you. But if you are an advanced fitness junkie, almost $200 of a single U Barre could buy you lots and lots of more practical resistance bands of different weight.


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