What Do You Pay For In A Fitness Program

There are countless fitness programs on the market today, each including a diet plan and a workout or at least one of the weight loss “secrets”. Effective, easy, and sometimes innovative they claim to be but in fact there are just a few simple principles standing behind each and every “revolutionary” program. A few minutes of Google search and a couple of evenings of reading will give you all the basic knowledge to understand that: a) there are no secrets and b) there are no miracles.

Why Pay For A Fitness Program

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If you still think weight loss is difficult and mysterious it’s because you have your own reasons to make it that way. In reality it’s very simple. There is energy that consume and then there is energy that we expend. When we expend less of the energy that we consume, we accumulate it in our bodies’ fat depots. When we spend more energy than we consume, our stored fat goes into work, punds drop. The expression – eat less, move more – may not be very eloquent but it has always captured the very gist of weight loss.

Some programs count calories for you and pack your food for you to ensure you are losing weight while others don’t even bother to consider your daily caloric needs by simply giving you some sort of a very low calorie menu or a list of restricted foods or even whole food groups. But can’t you learn how to count your own calories and prepare your own food? Yes, you can and for free.

It’s not to say that there are no good fitness programs. Some can be quite convenient and tailored to your exact needs, while others simply make you eat less and move more. But without getting into all the details and nuances how can one determine of one fitness program is better than the other? Like it or not, you just have to know the basics of a healthy diet and workout. But then what exactly are you paying for?

Some pay for convenience, while others for “secret” knowledge. Well, while the first can be feasible, the second is simply a marketing trick. There are no secrets in fitness industry regardless of people trying to convince you otherwise. There is science – studies and data. All the rest is simply myths, markeing schemes, and superstitions. If you don’t want to read up a lot of info on how to build muscle and lose fat, well, you could always find an individual who did it for you. But without doing basic research of your own even if to find out about their credentials you may end up following the advice of someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Again, like it or not, you have to do your own little work to at least choose a good fitness program and not harm your health. If you want things to be done for you, expect some sort of error and

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